When more and more brown leaves were falling, autumn was hiding in the golden rice. It also meant that the day of “Harvest Festival” was coming. In early November, Likeda STEAM Student Campsite welcomed students from Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou and Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School. All of them were excited to receive a wonderful gift from nature.

China has been a big agricultural country since ancient times. Chinese civilization was born in the fields from five thousand years ago. Many Chinese literature and inventions in ancient times were closely related to farmers. Coexisting with nature and learning from nature are important spirits of traditional Chinese culture. Teaching materials of the STEAM curriculum in Likeda STEAM Student Campsite are based on nature. Everything on farms, even a flower or grass, can be the textbook which is covering all subjects. Moreover, students can practice knowledge by observation, research and experimentation on the farm. Therefore, knowledge can be more concrete as well as the learning intention can be more specific.

Students were researching according to the “task list” seriously
Students collaborated to make a scarecrow with their creativity.

“The Truth of Rice”— Likeda STEAM Research Programme aimed to let students “stepping out from the classroom to get closer with nature”, “learning through entertainment”, “integrating the knowledge of different subjects through thinking out of the box”, “applying knowledge to learn from daily”. In this activity, students connected knowledge and the world through rice, which can motivate them to learn under a more active attitude.