In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Education recently announced the postponement of the spring semester 2020. On 31st January 2020, Wenzhou Education Bureau announced that primary and secondary schools in Wenzhou would launch online classroom from February 10.


To follow the instruction of Wenzhou Education Bureau, Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School and Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou have launched online classroom by “Internet Plus” model immediately.


The online classroom of Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou include modules like “Joint Cloud Class”, “Cloud Assignment” and “Micro Class”. Just like offline classes, students can ask questions to teachers, meanwhile, teachers can lay out class works and quizzes through buttons of the application. By “Cloud Assignment”, teachers can obtain feedback on students’ learning. So teachers can timely adjust lesson plans according to learning needs of students. Moreover, through “Micro Class”, teachers can design content for individual need of students. By utilising technology, teaching can be more student-centred.


Ms Jiang Hui, the teacher of Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou, thought that online classes were different from offline classes. In the past, she could get the feedback immediately by eye contact with students. However, she needed to adapt the difference of the way of reaction on online classes. She explained, “when I was preparing online classes, I need to ask myself, ‘what is the feeling of students in front of the screen? What can students do by each button on the screen?’ In other words, think about user experience.”


When Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School designed the online teaching guideline, they were still considering task list, interdisciplinary, project base and other teaching and learning method. Ms Huang Wenyan, the teacher of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, introduced the idea of her courses, “after the tutorial, children can choose some content which they want to learn, include some games. I will take videos to teach them to play games. So they can play with their parents or by themselves.”


To comply with the policy of government work of minimizing population mobility, Likeda Education decided that all faculty and staff would work from home from 3rd February. When health workers were fighting with the life-threatening virus, our staffs and teachers will pay efforts to be the model of society. We will listen to the call of the government and keep providing the best education to children by the promise of our life and health.


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