Likeda STEAM Student Campsite launched an online charity sale on May 29th. Students from Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou came to online platform with teachers for the charity sale. They tried their best to advertise their products. They introduced the advantages of products from many aspects, such as organic planting method, nutritional value and performance-to-price ratio. After their wonderful recommendation, these products were sold out immediately.

Students participated in this charity sale from planting, management to the implementation of the sale. These crops have gathered students’ love and sweat. Students also have learnt the labour spirit of diligence, thrift, struggle, innovation and dedication.

The proceeds from the charity sale were donated to the left-behind children in Yongjia on Children’s Day so that the fruits of students’ labour could play a greater role in society. Besides, this sale was not only voluntary labour but also a precious learning opportunity. Students learnt from different aspects of the knowledge of plants to prepare speeches. After they were exercising repeatedly, they performed wonderfully on the online charity sale. They finished their task seriously and acquired experience of practising knowledge. They witnessed achievements and improvements of themselves when they are helping others.

The Likeda STEAM Student Campsite located in Li’ao, Wenzhou, which was covering an area of 100000m sq. In addition to this charity sale, the Likeda STEAM Student Campsite also provides venues and resource for research and study, STEAM education, labour education and practical education. Hence, students can understand the world, life and the value of labour by learning about agriculture.