Likeda STEAM Student Campsite is a space for practical courses and activities specially developed for students, which covers an area of 160,000m2. While students are exploring nature and experiencing life in the base, extended course and practical activities are also carried out. Under the guidance of specialists in agriculture and science, students can fully immersed with the STEAM curriculum. It supports students to explore and learn from the nature, as well as provides introduction to scientific concepts.

In Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, children are able to get close to nature, learn the growth rhythm of crops and the relationship between seeds and fruit. By learning planting skills with the help of specialist, children increases their appreciation of nature. Meanwhile, being active outside promotes a healthy lifestyle.

In Peking University New Century School-Wenzhou, students also have their classes in the Likeda STEAM Student Campsite. In the class, students are encouraged to enjoy fun of farming at field. By practicing agricultural activities such as planting, breeding and harvesting by themselves, students are given opportunities to observe and record basic plant life cycle.