July 5th, 2018, Beijing Commsat Technology Development Ltd. Co,.  signed a formal cooperation agreement with Peking University New Century School-Wenzhou and Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School. An education satellite named after Likeda Education was also signed in the signing ceremony.



Likeda Education Satellite, which has a size of three cubic units (10*10*10 cm), can transmit space data and images in real time, and predict position of stars and satellites with precise calculation. Along with the satellite control station and the Space STEAM courses in schools, students will be provided with more diverse choices of extended curriculum.



The Chinese aerospace industry is witnessed to develop rapidly, especially after the launch of spacecraft “Shenzhou”, satellite “Change’e” and space station “Tiangong”. A series of policies have been promulgated to promote the development of STEAM curriculum nationwide in China. Currently the majority of the courses only include Arduino Shield, programmable robot and 3D printing. With the development of space steam education, a new way of exploration which keeps with the trend is emerging. Children are also given more opportunities to develop their interest in areas such as science technology, physics, astronomy and aerospace.



The space education courses not only cover the fields of robot design and programing, but also combines theory with practice through projects and thematic teaching. Children are able to grow their worldview, explore the human nature, exercise brain for thinking skills and improve teamwork skills. Undoubtedly, the aerospace STEAM curriculum will become a distinctive and stimulating extended curriculum for children.