This summer, 130 students of Peking University New Century School-Wenzhou (PKUWZ) spent their summer vacation at a meaningful study camp in Beijing.


Students of PKUWZ were welcomed by the top students of Peking University and Tsinghua University, who shared their experience of learning and living in the best universities in China, and gave advices and tips for students to keep school-life balance. As camp counselors, students of Peking University also encouraged young campers to question and explore. Apart from learning habits, during the activities of daily living, counselors also teach students good manners such as kindness, courtesy, thoughtfulness and respect of others.


In Song Qingling Centre for Culture and Technology Communication, young campers enjoyed game-based learning activities under the guidance of experts, found their passion and seized the opportunity to see the full potential in themselves.



Meanwhile, in the multiple intelligences classroom, professors from Beihang University gave young campers a creative drone technology class. In addition to studying the subjects across disciplines, campers also took a fascinating historical, social and cultural exploration, enjoy both academic environment and local life in Beijing