In the fall of 2018, students from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School and Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou joined the “Harvest Festival” in Likeda STEAM Student Campsite. Nature became students’ teacher to turn the knowledge on the books more concrete.


How does the paddy transfer to the rice in our meal? In the festival, students could see this process. Despite to observe how the machine handling the paddy, students also walked into the field to experience the traditional way of reaping and threshing.


After collecting the grain, it was time to dry the grain in the sun. Students cooperated with teachers to spread the grains out on the ground. Everyone smiled when the harvest had been exhibited.


Students had not forgotten their research and study project. They were exploring the knowledge of science, mathematics, geography, history and other subjects by learning from the rice.


“The Truth of Rice”— Likeda STEAM Research Programme aimed to let students “stepping out from the classroom to get closer with nature”, “learning through entertainment”,  “integrating the knowledge of different subjects through thinking out of the box”, “applying knowledge to learn from daily”. In this activity, the paddy will trigger students’ curiosity which is an important motivation of sustainable learning.