Delegation of Likeda Education, Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou and Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School attended the World Education Frontiers Summit in Shenzhen on 21st October 2018. The theme of the summit was “Learning Revolution: Learning Science Leads the Future of Education”. Keynote speakers were sharing and exchanging the latest result of researches in the summit.

Teachers who were attending the summit were inspired by the speech. Ms Wang Hongmei, the vice director of student affairs of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, said, “sharing findings from learning science research, practising the theory in the classroom, reviewing on educational effectiveness and practising after the revision of learning scientific experts, this is an ideal model of the future school that I am looking forward to. I am glad to see that Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School is continually moving toward this model.”

Mr Wu Xu, the director of the curriculum centre of Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou, was inspired by the sharing of Tam Lihai, the dean of Shenzhen Institute of Neuroscience. “Writing is helpful for Chinese learning because writing is an exercise to training the language centre in children’s brain. So their ability of Chinese reading can be enhanced. The two schools under Likeda Education Group have set up writing classes to help children establishing effective language learning strategies,”Mr. Wu said.

The World Education Frontiers Summit was hosted by China Education 30 Forum. It aimed at “leading the trend and opening up the future”. It provided an international and interdisciplinary platform to promote exchanges on the newest educational theory and model.