To experience the best growth education, students from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School walked into Likeda STEAM Student Campsite to get closer to nature.


Before departure, students studied Chinese poems. The poems were showing the vitality of spring ploughing and the perseverance in pursuing dreams. Through reading the poems, students learnt about the ways of achieving dreams.



They also had the lesson of “Knowledge of Seeds” in science class. In the lesson, they learnt the tools and process of seeding.



Students returned to nature on the Likeda STEAM Student Campsite. Their opened up minds and reflect what they learnt from textbooks in the farm.


Students found that it was not easy to work on farming. At the same time, they were excited about the bumper harvest.



In addition to working on the farm, students and teachers also walked into kitchen. They made dumplings together and finally tasted the delicacies made by themselves.