After visited Dalton International in the Netherlands, delegation of Likeda Education went to Mühlhausen with Mr Roel Rohner, the president of Dalton International, to participate in the International Dalton Conference in Germany.

Ms Bai Lili, the principal of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, gave a speech at the conference. She introduced the founding and development of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School to representatives of Dalton schools around the world. When she talked about “The Truth of Rice” and “the Journey to Reach for the Star”, which were the two representative parts of Likeda STEAM Research Programme, the audience applauded enthusiastically. “Education in high quality is borderless,” Principal Bai said, “Dalton Education let us come together. In the future, we will work for the same goal together.” It was very encouraging that Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School can be a member of Dalton International to achieve better Dalton education with other Dalton schools.

President Rohner reviewed the recent development of Dalton education around the world. He also expressed a warm welcome to Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School.

After the conference, representatives of other Dalton schools were showing their admiration to Principal Bai. “Your school is amazing!” Some of them said. Principal Bai also sincerely invited them to visit the Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School to explore more surprises.