2019 Likeda Education Musical Theater Program was held on 7th July to 14th July. After intensive training in seven days, students performed two scripts in English on the ending show. After the show, the theatre was filled with loud applause.

In the one hour performance, students performed Moana and We Are Monsters in English. There were 10 scenes and 12 songs in two scripts. Students put on beautiful costumes to play roles such as vampires, werewolves, aborigines in Polynesian, etc. Although they performed their lines and songs in English which was the second language for them, they still played their characters vividly. After the wonderful show, students not only receive the appreciation and claps, but also become a “superstar” for audiences.

It was not a miracle to transfer students from newbies to professional actors. It was the joint effort of students and teachers in a week. Under the professional guidance of four experienced teachers, who were stage actors and directors, students could learn actively and incrementally through games and activities. Teachers also created an English language environment. These conditions made sure that students could learn effectively. Of course, autonomic efforts of students were necessary. Sylvia Ye, the actress of Moana, said that she was practising her lines and lyrics after school repeatedly until perfect. Due to the effort of students and teachers, an excellent show could be presented.



In 8th July, the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council published a new guideline for advancing education reform and improving the quality of compulsory education. The guideline suggested that education would foster citizens with aesthetic grounding. Musical theatre can cultivate the aesthetic sense of students while it is a carrier of art. During acting the characters, students can empathise with others which benefits to their creativity and communication skills. Moreover, musicality and body coordination of students will be trained when they are practising the dances and songs of a musical. Arts integration advantages to well-development of students. Likeda Education will continue to go further on the way of education to offer education in higher quality to students.