From July to August of 2019, Likeda Education organized three research and study tours. About 300 participants went to the UK, Australia and Beijing China. Likeda Education Research and Study Tours aimed at creating an environment for students to broaden their horizon during the trip.

To balance “learning” and “game”, more than half of the time of the tours was spent on classes. Also, school teachers had assigned “research and study projects” to students before departure. So, students could collaborate with others to explore and learn about the world even in sightseeing.


Likeda Education Research and Study Tour to the UK

Within three weeks in the UK, students lived in the dormitory of a school. So, they could experience to study in a British boarding school as well as make friends from all over the world. In the language and culture class every day, students were learning English effectively through interactive communication in different class activities. Besides the class, they also visited the British Museum, Winchester Church, Tower Bridge and other places of interest. After visited Cambridge University, a student said that she wanted to be a scholar to visit this elegant campus again.


Likeda Education Research and Study Tour to Australia

The tour to Australia was a two-week tour. Students were living with host families when they were in Melbourne. So they could deeply experience the Australian customs from residents. Students also took a seven-day course, which included sections of interacting with local students, at a school in Melbourne. Therefore, students could apply their knowledge in real circumstances. In the second week of the tour, students travelled to other cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra. During the sightseeing, students did not stop learning. All of them paid all the effort to complete the “research and study project” which had arranged by teachers in advance.


Likeda Education’s Peking University Research and Science Camp

During the week in Beijing, students visited the top universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They lived in Changping campus of Peking University and participated in the quality lectures which were taught by professors from famous universities. It was a precious chance for students to experience the life of the university. To reach the target of “learning from games”, classes and sightseeing took half of a day respectively. Moreover, there was “research and study project” section every night. In this section, mentors who were university students led research projects so students could learn some more proficient research and learning methods from these mentors.


Setting goals is a way of life planning which can point out the direction of the future. After having the direction, students can learn actively and efficiently. This summer holiday, about 300 students jumped out of their comfort zone. In other cities or countries, they saw various cultures around the world. They also visited the top universities which able to see a higher level of education. These experiences will tell them that all efforts are meaningful.