The Dalton School, which was founded by Helen Parkhurst at Manhattan, NY in 1919, is an internationally-recognized K-12 school. It has been recognized as one of the most prestigious schools not only in UnitedStates, but also around the globe. Students graduated from the Dalton School performed much better in tests than students from other schools. They also demonstrate unique identities, creativity and willingness tocollaborate with peers and teachers. Over the years, students graduated from the Dalton School have been all admitted by the Ivy League Schools, such as Yale University and Harvard University, etc. The Times Magazine had once labeled the Dalton Schools as “creators of Harvard students”. Moreover, USA Today called the Dalton School as “the academy that cultivates students to be gifted”. The Dalton Plan created by Ms. Parkhurst is still the theoretical cornerstone of the progressivism educational philosophy of the Dalton School. The Dalton Plan has been advocated by the wife of Mr. Roosevelt, the former president of the United States. It has been the educational model that schools worldwide learn from.

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School is located at No.28 Yandang Mid Road of “Creators’ Town” in Wenzhou downtown. It is directly subordinate to Wenzhou Education Bureau. It was formally opened in September 2017. The school follows the mission of creating an excellent and attractive school and the core idea of “freedom, cooperation, self-discipline and responsibility”, thus making it suitable for the development of each child. It sets foot in the long-term development of talent of each child, respects individual differences of students to the fullest, seeks for different educational routes for different students, and becomes the garden, learning center, homeland and creation place for all children.


The school boldly tries new educational methods. By breaking the traditional class hour period and customizing exclusive class schedule and assignment contract for students, on the basis of guaranteeing that the students reach the requirements of national curriculum standards in a high quality, it sets two curriculum sections including planned courses and potential development courses, so as to make each child develop in an individualized manner vigorously here.


Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School invited Ms. Bai Lili, the special-graded teacher of provincial level and education expert in Wenzhou, to be the principal. Principal Bai Lili was once the principal of the one-hundred-year old school Guangchang Road Primary School and WenZhou Experimental Primary School, professor-level senior teacher of middle school, meritorious teacher of Zhejiang Province and national model teacher who enjoys special subsidy from the State Council. For more than 30 years engaging in teaching, she has been embracing the idea “all for children” and has been devoted to exploring how to create the education suitable for the development of each child. She formed a vivid and unique school-operating style, uniquely developed the “Study Lab” and proposed the “Study Lab Theory”, which exerted influence in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province and nationwide. Multiple authoritative educational media such as People’s Education Press, China Education Daily and Education Information Newspaper have made in-depth report about it.